Know your Car Insurance

Know your Car Insurance

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Back home we were literally running around town and the adjacent city for days on end. Needless to say, running around tires the car too! We were on our way to visit hubby’s relatives when the car broke down in the middle of Makati City. Overheating was the problem or was it fluid or water? Anyway, this made the hubby said we need to have a car insurance. We browsed for cheap auto insurance quotes around and got one so we won’t be bothered by the expenses on too much repairs.

In choosing car insurance, there are things to consider to get the best for your car. Determine the coverage your car needs. Consider your other insurance like health insurance that covers accidents. Compare rates and set your budget. Go through your policy well before signing.

Having all these in mind we settled for a liability insurance. Since we left already, my brother-in-law now gets the benefit…Having said that, caring and being attentive while driving is still the best way to go. Anyway the car breaking down was a good opp to practice night photography….especially when the lights shine brightest – at night.

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