Know your home insurance

Know your home insurance

I posted this photo before for the Lasang Pinoys Sunday’s theme kitchen. Good thing I did because this would now be the only remembrance of what that glass door was. See the little boy? He would often stick his nose there to see what I’m doing whenever I close it (which is cooking, of course). Last Monday he was running as usual when he hit a ladder standing on the other side of the door. It fell and cracked the glass which hubby only noticed a few hours later on. Good thing the glass didn’t really broke to pieces or it would be another bloody incident that I would surely cry about.


The door was picked up for repairs and after 4 days brought to us new and clean. Good thing we pay our house insurance on time, they paid for it. I’m not sure how much glass door or glass door repairs cost but surely it’s not something that I would be willing to pay for. 😛 This makes me think of getting other insurance plans than what we pay for; legal costs insurance, bank insurance perhaps. I’m thinking laptop insurance because the little boy had a history of breaking our laptops at home too. lol.

5 thoughts on “Know your home insurance

  1. Any type of insurance is indeed important, may it house insurance, car insurance, life insurance or business insurance. It is always better to be prepared because we do not know what may happen in the next few days or next few seconds.

  2. Non-life insurance is usually at the bottom of one’s list of priorities. When nothing untoward happens, we feel it’s an unnecessary expense but that is not the case. We should look at it as a protection against losses.

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