Blogging Virtues

blogging virtues
So, you think you’re ready to face the blogging world? You think you’re ready to make other feel your online presence? If so, may I know if you have the virtues I listed below.

Blogging might be a hobby, but blogging isn’t a game for a child to play. Blogging is a serious matter that would only become a success if the blogger obeyed some virtues.

Virtues A Blogger Must Have

A blogger must be creative.

Though, it’s not a requirement that a blogger must have a knowledge on HTML and CSS for page designing, a blogger must be as creative as possible for knowing the proper placements of widgets on the blog.

A blogger must be accountable.

When you post anything to your blog, there’s no any other could be accountable of that post than the author himself.

A blogger must be friendly.

In blogging, you’re not just making your online presence. In blogging, you’re actually making a small community of circle of friends around you. So, be friendly to them. Answer every comments, answer each questions, and you’ll see how your blog will grow from there.

A blogger must be honest.

This blogging virtue is connected to the blogging virtue #2 – accountability. It is better to just be yourself and publish what is true rather than fooling anyone on the webworld by your post just to have a trending topic. Again, there’s no one to be accountable by the post rather than it’s author. So, if you’re about to post a fictitious work, state that it’s just a fiction.

A blogger must have integrity.

By building your online presence, you’re also exposing your true self to others. Let me say, once you’re a blogger, you’re a celebrity on the cyberworld. And integrity is a key to a blogger’s success.

A blogger must be knowledgeable.

Just as simple as this, don’t blog anything you don’t know. Make sure that if you don’t experienced it, you make a research for it.

A blogger must know how to say “thanks”.

Linking to the sources of your post is actually showing thankfulness to the original author. If you forgot this, you’re guilty on plagiarism which is so much evil in cyberworld. Respect the copyright of others.

A blogger must be patient.

I think, patience is the most important blogging virtue specially on ranking and numbers. By only few days of blogging, don’t expect that search engines can find your blog easily. There’s time for that. I always say for those who want to be a blogger to blog for at least three months. Then, go to the next level.

That’s all. I hope you’ve learned something from this.

3 thoughts on “Blogging Virtues

    1. Thanks for dropping by Stef. Agreed with your comment. I am sometimes rude to. I have another blog but honestly, I am not promoting it. I am afraid that some may found it to offensive. But that blog shows how different I am from others.

  1. Exactly! Some blogger did not survive in blogging because they expect that blogging is easy but the truth is not. They also set in there mind that there are money in blogging. This is true but of course we will work hard in order to do that.

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