APC: The $49 Android PC System

Last month, we posted an article about the “World’s Smallest Computer” which is the Raspberry Pi. And now, I just learned about this another amazing computer. They call it the APC.

If the Raspberry Pi runs Linux, APC is powered by the popular smartphone’s OS, Android. APC is not as tiny as the Raspberry Pi but it is also small. Just look at the image and picture out how small it is.


Image Source: http://www.androidauthority.com/via-android-pc-arm-49-dollars-88209/

Another thing, if Raspberry Pi was made for programmers, APC’s goal is to create a very affordable low power system to let people connect to the Internet. And like Raspberry Pi, you can’t buy APC with a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. APC also came case-less. Maybe, they will release a model with a case in the near future for the board’s protection.

I guess, I am too much focusing on its comparison to Raspberry Pi but I can’t help it. I was really amazed by these technologies. Now, it’s became too hard for me to choose. Should I buy Raspberry Pi or APC? Well, why not both? They’re both cheap. Raspberry Pi at $25-$35 and APC at $49.

By the way, VIA Technologies is the one who release APC.

APC Specifications:

APCImage Source: http://apc.io/product/


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