Four Reasons Android Phones Are Cooler Than You Thought

Android phones may not be given much of the limelight that other phones are given but they are cool, actually. True, they may have different features than more popular smartphones but they are awesome in their own right. And phone services and telecom companies are aiming at giving them a much cooler packaging, more efficient connectivity and perhaps a vast list of apps to choose from.


Desktop Optimization

Widgets on an android phones make it appear cooler than icons on other phones. There are a lot of free, downloadable widgets you can use, if you’re at it you can customize them yourself.

Superior Browsing Experience

Android phones’ browser loads really fast compared to other phones, that alone makes browsing easier. You can also access it and use flash.

Connectivity and disconnecting made easy

Connecting a device to the internet to check emails, browse on stuff or search via a navigator seems the easy thing to do when out and about.  Android phones let you do just that, it’s easy to connect and it’s as easy to disconnect when you feel like it yet you can still leave other stuff open and not be bothered much.

Open Community

Just like other communities, you can gain access to networks of people who work on apps and make the Android experience much better. It’s also good to see what’s happening around and what other users think of this and that. That’s pretty much like a support system for Android phone users.

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