3 Ways to Grow Your Blog Quickly

3 Ways to Grow Your Blog Quickly

Blogging (weblog), has been around for years, and now it has become mainstream.  If you are interested in starting a weblog but don’t know where you can begin, know that you can get a free site from some companies such as Blogger, Wix, WordPress – but in general, it’s best to start with your own site because you’ll have more control to make decisions about what is best for your blog.

You can launch your blog easily.  Simply obtain web hosting from a company like InTechnology, get a domain name, and have your site designed.  (If you want to do this cheaply, try contacting the local high school for a referral or seeing if a teenager you know knows how to design a website.)

Once your site is up and running, try these steps to grow your blog quickly:

1.  Utilize Pinterest.

If you can, try to make your blog appeal to those who are visually orientated.  Learn how to make your pictures Pinterest friendly and make sure you have a Pin It button on your blog.  Also reciprocate and pin others’ blog posts.  You’ll likely be surprised by how much traffic you can gain from Pinterest.  Like a snowball, the more you pin, the more traffic you’ll have, and then they will pin your posts and generate more traffic for you.

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2.  Utilize SEO.

SEO – search engine optimization is when you implement strategies to make your  content visible on top of search engines. It helps the search engines find and return your blog posts for those who are searching the web for specific terms.  Learn how to make your blog SEO friendly so you’ll get more search engine traffic.  Yes, there are plenty of blog posts available that explain SEO and how to optimize your blog but using the right keywords, title, and such are your first steps.

3.  Find blogging friends.

Within your blog niche, try to find others that you connect with and support.  Then they, too, can support you.  If you work with other bloggers, your blog and theirs will likely grow, so cultivating blog friendships is worthwhile.

If you’re just starting a blog, you may be discouraged by your lack of traffic.  However, try some of these tips, and you may just start to see your blog traffic increase more ever day.  That’s exciting!

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