Reasons Why Bloggers Blog

Reasons Why Bloggers Are Blogging

Let me include myself as one of them. So, maybe you want to ask why we are in to blogging. And you might get some interest to get into it soon.

I thought of having an online website for my photos back in 2004 – since my other half develops websites and I like to take photos. But I officially started in 2006 as a Daily City blogger, it’s hosted for free and shows off a picture a day about the city I live in – Vienna. In time, I owned my own domain where I both write with a photo I took myself, and in 14 years, it has evolved into something that also earns me money. Other bloggers may have other reasons why they blog, some for passion, some to express themselves, others actually to earn money.

Here are some of the Reasons Why Bloggers Are Blogging:

1. A part-time/ full-time source of income.

Why not? You’re just blogging about anything and you’ll be paid for it. It seems easy, but it needs work. But doing blogging as a part-time job caught the interest of most people in the blogsphere. I’ll be posting more about it on my future posts.

2. To have an online diary/ journal.

While papers are still useful for creating a journal, having an online space for one’s thoughts is also a good option. Everything goes digital on this world now. Most bloggers maintain their blogs as a way to document their everyday adventures, be it the food they ate or cooked, the places they visited, the new gadget the bought. Some bloggers share knowledge on many topics, and has become sources of for many people who research stuff online.

3. Sharing knowledge.

There are bloggers that used to blog about tutorials, tips and tricks. As showing their mastery on a certain field, they used to share their learnings. Thanks to them, Google have at least an answer for our questions. It’s also the purpose why I started blogs in many niches.

4. A hobby.

When I say “hobby”, it could be a source of happiness or entertainment. Yes, just to avoid boredom. To use time wisely in a useful way. It’s a way of releasing stress. My is for that purpose where I used to post poems.

5. To make a change.

Some say that bloggers are the change-makers. Some bloggers make blog to start or support campaigns. Of course, that would be based on their own philosophy.

blogging, laptop

6. To have more friends.

It’s also one of the reasons why I started a blog. I want to meet people who have same interest of mine. And my circle of cyberfriends are growing bigger. Sometimes, they are more understanding than the usual friends we used to go with everyday. There are lots of awesome people in the blogosphere.

7. To invite you.

Yes, we want to invite you in our world. We want to invite you on planet Blogosphere. Don’t worry, it’s not yet over-populated.

8. Hoping to see you again.

I’d love to see my visitor counter increasing because of you. And I hope to see you again on my next post. I love your comment too! Thanks for reading. Happy blogging!


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