Top Ideas for Selecting a Niche in Blogging

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Picking the right niche is as difficult as deciding what course to take in college. The entire future of your website depends on it, which is why you want to make it right. Surely, there are infinite variables at hand, but you want to explore the bestselling ideas for niche selection to make sure you are heading off to a successful online business.

The truth is people are always in search for something better. Online marketers and bloggers capitalize on this need regardless of how stiff the competition is. The difference lies on giving the consumers better products and services than your nearest competitor. So how can you offer the better option?

Empathize with the market. Speak, act and think like a consumer/reader. Be among the market and feel the pulse. You become at a vantage point where you are able to incorporate your own experiences and that of others in the same market. Know what people say by reading their comments and participating in forums to communicate directly with the market. In that way, you find yourself in the hub of discussion allowing you to figure out what needs to be improved. The only thing that sets you apart from the rest is that you are out there to make things differently better.

Specialize. Most often people are confronted with difficulties in dealing with niches they have in mind. There is always the tendency to start with something big only to be met with solid obstacles. It is easy to consider home improvements, but it is fully loaded with competition; or, it can be about weight loss, but penetrating a niche where most bloggers are concentrated on can be difficult. There is nothing wrong to aim high, but when dealing with niche selection the results are sure to come faster, not by thinking big or small, but by being specialized.

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To specialize means nicheing down an interesting market by digging deeper until you discover a goldmine. It is the point where you find there is such a need for that particular sub-section in which you can become the “go-to resource” or “go-to person” for the specific topic. Your site or name turns out to be the link whenever users refer to the topic. The following are the results when you specialize:

• You use your very own concept and approach that gives you authority to own the content. Having more knowledge about the topic provides you with opportunity to be featured as guest blog or post on other well-known sites with established market.

• There is no difficulty in locating you in Google. With the specific information you provide, people can easily access your site without using general keywords.

• It is easier to establish a following. Your site can attract people with the same specialized interests you promote. Later on, a stronger connection is created as it gets noticed by consumers from the niche of the sub-niche of the main niche.

• By being the expert of a specialized topic, you become credible to sell the product to the target market that hangs out on your site. Knowing the market well enables you to make an easy sell either as the owner or as an affiliate.

Specializing does not exactly mean owning the entire market. It means owning a specific part, though not spectacularly big, but can provide enough profit for a decent living. To set you on the right track, there are two crucial things needed to be done:

• Pick a topic. You need something to get your hands to work on something. Actually, pick a topic, fill it up with content, and have it launched online. Unless you have a topic to be busy with, you cannot acquire the experience and benefit from the lessons to be generated in it.

• Make an impression. Regardless of the approach you apply, make sure to stamp an impression on the consumers. Think of strategies to dominate and capture the tiny market. Once you have made your mark, Google will eventually find the rightful place for your site in the search engines.

Start building your online presence by considering the essential ideas for niche selection. Keep in mind that there are no shortcuts but rather it is in finding the best advantage to attract a specific market that can sustain your niche profitably for a long period.

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10 Replies to “Top Ideas for Selecting a Niche in Blogging”

  1. Hi man, just was searching ideas on how to decide a Niche of a blog and stumbled on your blog. Your article was more or less excellent.

    But i think the letters are too small for the readers to read through. A normal reader would skip the pages if they come to this page. So i think you should increase size of the text.


  2. Hi Marie!

    I’ve found myself always super stuck when it comes to select my next niche website.

    I’ve got a couple of them, one very specific and another one which covers a wider range of topics. And I guess the narrower the niche is, the better it works to gain authority.

    I agree with you that empathy with your audience is key for a site to work out.

    Thanks for the tips! Very interesting reading 😉

    1. Hi! I think it’s normal to have options, I myself have about 22 domains and subdomains – for different niches. 😀  Sometimes, one topic crosses to the other lol. Just remember that it is best to have fun when blogging. Thanks for the visit!

  3. I know the main problem with many people would be how to choose the right NICHE for their online business. This has been my problem too because I’d opt to get a niche that will not be short of materials when it comes to development.

    I like the word “specialize” and wonder how do I choose my preferred specialization if I have no training on it? Suppose my niche is nutrition and I’ve no training at all about it, how do you think I can become an authority in it? How would I create content of substance on a niche which is my passion but I have no formal training on it?

    I hope this makes sense.

    Thanks for an excellent article and I hope to read more from you in the future.


    1. Hi! I believe having experience will make your blog more authoritative on topics you choose to write about. Better stick to niches that you know and have experience on, since blogging should also be a responsible commitment to the community, it pays to be honest when it comes to giving out your input to your readers. 🙂

  4. Hi! I’ve been a stay at home mom for the last 10 years. I’ve just created my first blog/affiliate site on baby clothes. My kids are what I know best and is also what I’m most interested in. How do I come up with a niche for something new that will attract more people?

    1. Hi Heather, I guess you can write anecdotes and then tips about what you did on certain situations, review products – what works best for you and your kids and such…it’s like anything that has to do with kids, it is a wide topic but always put your kids in the middle of your posts, it will be fun for you to reminisce and will help you in the process too…also, a wonderful mom-diary, I say. 🙂

  5. Hi Marie,
    You have given very good advise in your article. It is very good for a newbie like myself. I have just started out, choosing my niche from my passion for herbs and spices. It is neither good nor bad. Lots of competition but there are many things to blog about too. I hope good contents with good keywords help me to succeed.
    Still learning…

    1. Hi Sharon, if it’s something you like and have a lot of experience about, it will be good…remember the saying, get a job you like and you’ll never work a day in your life? It goes well for blogging too…you will enjoy writing about the topic you are most familiar with. 🙂 Practice and I’m sure things will flow smoothly.

  6. Nice article, I really like your ideas.

    You do not recommend any of the hot niches that other people suggest.

    When you see some “gurus” to suggest a niche then it is more competitive than before because their followers will follow their advice.

    I will try your idea to specialize on a specific topic.

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