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Deciding on a career or a college course is one of the toughest decisions that a person has to make in life. Going to college prepares them for the jobs that are available when they join the work force. These choices can spell future success or a lifetime of toil for a person. But one’s college decision doesn’t necessarily seal one’s fate in his career. People nowadays are more open to making career changes while in college, in choosing their first jobs, or even at the height of their careers. Confucius said “Find a Job You Love and You’ll Never Work a Day in Your Life”. These words are easier said than done but are nevertheless noteworthy in a job hunt.

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Work becomes less of an effort when you love what you are doing. When it’s passion for the job that motivates you, there is no such thing as overtime or impossible tasks. Some people are lucky to discern their passion in life at an early age, while others seem to take an eternity before discovering their calling. Regardless of what stage in life you’re in, the first thing that you should ask yourself on a job hunt is “What do I want in a job?” The answer usually includes the type of work or tasks involved, work schedule, work environment, company culture, salary, benefits, and others. Once you have your wants listed down, you can use it as a guide in choosing jobs that you can apply for. It is also important that you have a clear picture of your skills, talent, and personality to gauge your readiness to tackle your dream job. People who opt for career changes later in their life sometimes find themselves in need of additional training to pursue a job that they love to do.

The need to shift careers is a lot stronger for people who find themselves in professions that are forced on them by circumstances. In the early generations, this may be the result of following the dictates of society or their parents’ wishes. There are also some people whose career choices are governed by practicality. A stressful but financially secure job is often more favorable than pursuing a passion that doesn’t help in paying the bills. However, there are also people who got their hearts set on doing what they love to do no matter what the cost. More often than not they are the ones who succeed in life.

Sometimes it takes a simple career advice to nudge a person to their dream jobs. There is no need to spend a lifetime toiling on a post that simply puts food on the table. Finding a job that you love is a choice that is available for everyone. People just need to decide whether they want to work or follow Confucius and never work a day in their lives.


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