How To Improve Your Programming Skills

How do we define a skilled programmer? What do you think?

On this technology age, the demand for skilled programmers is getting higher and higher. Almost every companies are needing at least a programmer to develop a software that can make work easier. Almost every companies are dreaming of process automation. Well, this high demand for skilled programmers also demand the newbies to improve and be one of the skilled ones.

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Who Are The Skilled Programmers And How To Become One Of Them?

Has the ability to know what is the real problem.

Programmers are those geeks who develop a solution for a particular problem. But remember, there will never be a solution if the problem is unclear or worse, unknown. It is very important that before anything else, the problem must be clear before trying to analyze it and develop a solution.

Asking questions to clients is one way to improve on this part. Ask everything, every details. With this, I believe that at least a little view of solution will be seen in your mind during the process.

Has a great analysis skill.

You already knew what the problem is. It’s totally clear inside your mind, so, what’s next – analysis. This is an important skill for a programmer. Aside from this skill will help a lot on formulating algorithm and solution, this will help you to break a big problem into small easy pieces of problems.

Focusing on the main problem is one way to improve your analysis skill. Try to know the where, why, and how the main problem occurs. Then, break it into smaller problem and do the same method. It’s better if you practice this. Analyze the big problem, break it into smaller, then analyze again then break them again, and so on.

Fast in formulating algorithm and solution.

In programming, writing the program is not always the best solution into a problem. Writing the program is the way to make the solution happen. First, you must be able to develop the best algorithm as you can.

There are many solutions for one problem. So, try to find what’s the best way to solve. And a nice way to improve your skill in developing algorithm is by playing games specially, the puzzle games. I’m not kidding! Playing will help you to improve this skill. Well, that’s if you understand the game. I suggest you to play sudoku, kakuro, chess, maze games, card games, strategic war games, etc.

Another way here is don’t forget your mathematics. Practice to solve at least 3 math problems per week. It’s better than not practicing at all. Why mathematics help? Well, solving math problems is high-level of algorithm itself.

And the last, Never Forget The Basics

So what are these basics? These are the basic commands of a programming language like if, for, do, while, and of course, the way to print. You don’t have to be a master of programming language’s built-in functions and methods. Because you can never use them properly if you don’t know the basics.

That’s all folks. Happy coding!

10 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Programming Skills

  1. Right. Back in college, our teachers emphasized analysis and algorithms, We had to learn the languages ourselves.

  2. When I was in college, I had problems in programming. I’ll ponder on your programming-improvement skills. Thanks. 🙂

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