Contentment in the Workplace: Make Employees Happy and Respectful

Fostering an environment where people are happy and respectful is an essential part of creating a productive workplace. It is every business manager’s dream to have a team of employees who are dedicated in their jobs and are committed to helping the business organization realize its goals. Not all, however, are successful in doing so. In a lot of cases, this happens because the business managers fail in their responsibility to effectively manage their employees and encourage good performance. It is not entirely difficult to achieve this especially when you have a talented pool of individuals in your work force. With these few tips, you can transform your business organization into a motivated group of employees who are happy to put in their share of work and contribute to the company’s growth.

Contentment in the Workplace: Make Employees Happy and Respectful

The following are tried and tested ways through which you can help foster a productive work environment:

· Consider your employees’ needs

It’s tit for tat, so they say. How you treat your employees comes around and manifests in the work that they give you. Treat them fairly and you can expect them to give you the same treatment. You have to treat them decently and justly. Make them feel that even as you think about the company’s good, you are also concerned about their own professional needs. Do not impose whatever works best for you. Respect them for what they are capable of doing and recognize them when it is due. Your concern for your employees will pay off in the long run when they demonstrate excellent performance and loyalty through the years.

· Give them some room to perform optimally

There is no harm in giving your employees some autonomy. This will show them that you respect their capabilities. Your employees might be more productive doing things their own way. This should not be a problem for as long as work is delivered in the quality that you expect and within the time frame that is require. In a lot of cases, this kind of freedom allows the employees to be creative in the way they do things, motivates them to do more, and makes them excited about their jobs. When you do grant this kind of freedom, however, make sure that their interests are in line with the direction towards which the company wants to go.

· Recognize good performance

Do not forget to give credit where credit is due. When your employees turn in work that is exceptionally good, do not hesitate to give him the recognition that he deserves. It’s more than just feeding your employees’ egos. The recognition that a performing employee receives tells him that he is working on the right path. This will also serve to inspire other employees to strive to perform better too to get recognized.


5 thoughts on “Contentment in the Workplace: Make Employees Happy and Respectful

  1. i suddenly remember my former employer. It was a family-owned corporation and it was really noticeable how they always look after their employee’s welfare and satisfaction. Although there came a point when they couldn’t meet the employees’ expectation they were still loved and remembered because of how they have treated their employees. Sometimes it doesn’t take for an employee to stay in a company because of the salary, but because of how they are treated.

  2. I believe in the concept of reward and punishment but employees seem to favor a hassle-free working environment to keep them inspired. The work force should be well provided and well compensated.

  3. Employee Morale is very important so performance measurement and rewards system is in place and so should a dynamic human resource who can adjust to the needs of employees.

  4. merits, rewards and proper recognition on a job well done can boost an employee’s morale. these can make employees more productive and eager to meet their high performance statistics.

  5. This is an excellent post that all bosses should read (I only wish my ex-boss had!). I especially like the section where you mentioning recognizing employees for doing a job well done — often times doesn’t happen in the real work world. Thanks for the post!

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