Keep Your Eye on the Dollar, Ways to Budget at Home


This does not have anything to do with the exchange rates of the dollar.  This is all about watching your daily expenses and keeping a keen eye on how you spend your money.  The small items that you spend for can accumulate to a substantial amount that you can reallocate for other more important expense items or save up to accumulate some more.  The way you spend has an impact on how financially healthy you can become.  The sooner you achieve this, the sooner you can work towards being financially independent and secure.  This means not having to worry about unexpected expenses because you have enough money stashed away to cover for these contingencies.

You need to take the time to monitor your daily spending.

Once you have a good idea on what you are spending your money on, you can take the necessary steps to curb those that do not fall under essential spending.  Start by setting a budget.  Have a certain amount that you are allowed to spend every day.  Then, record everything you spend your budget on right down to the last penny.  Do this for a week.  After the initial week, examine your itemized expense sheet.  Highlight the items that are not considered necessities.  On the next week, either cut back on your spending for these items or eliminate them from your expense sheet all together.

Keep Your Eye on the Dollar, Ways to Budget at Home

Limit Expensive Expenses

This exercise will show you exactly how much money you need to survive each day.  You can then tweak your budget and limit it only to this amount.  If you must have a treat day, you can certainly do so by limiting its frequency.  Instead of a daily cup of coffee from your gourmet coffee shop, you can limit it to one cup per week.  Opt for a cheaper alternative for the rest of the week, like brewing your own coffee.  Your transportation costs might also give you a little room for some savings.  Schedule your trips to a particular area on the same day.  This way, you don’t have to guzzle up a lot of gas going all over the place for your errands.  Explore car pooling options too; it’s not only economical, it’s also earth-friendly.

By keeping your eye on the dollar, you are being wise in the way you spend your hard earned money.  Plus, you are also more likely to be successful in reaching your financial goals.  Remember to spend only for items that you can afford.  When you know what you absolutely have to spend for each day, it will be easy enough for you to save before you spend your money.

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