Converting the Contents of Your Attic into Cash

Home Budget, Saving Tips / Monday, January 28th, 2013

People tend to accumulate material possessions throughout their lives that usually end up cluttering homes. There always seem to be a reason to buy something, sometimes even more than once, in different colors and in different styles. Those that cease to be useful at a certain point eventually find themselves stored in attics and other storage areas.

With the high level of stress characterizing most human lifestyles today, many would benefit from de-cluttering their homes. De-cluttering attics and storage areas in particular not only opens up precious home space for the real necessities. It can also allow homeowners to make money out of things that are no longer used, but are still useful to others.

Some of the more common things that can be sold easily include books, sporting equipment, musical instruments, gadgets, electronic devices, baby equipment and supplies, tapes and CDs, extra china sets, and branded clothes and bags. These are items that are bound to get the interest of others especially if they are in good condition. It has to be noted that the better the condition of the offered item is, the higher the chance of getting a better price for it.

Converting the Contents of Your Attic into Cash
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Books that have been read can be sold so that the proceeds can be used to buy new ones. Sporting equipment and musical instruments end up in attics when interest in the sport or the instrument has waned. Older model gadgets and electronic devices can be sold to buy a desired later model plus a little more cash. Things that have been outgrown by children will have much use for parents who are not too keen on purchasing new and expensive baby equipment. With the coming of the digital age, old CDs and tapes can be sold while retaining the music in one’s personal computer system. Extra china sets that have been sitting in storage since a couple’s wedding day are much more useful in other people’s homes. Branded clothes and bags cost so much and yet tend to be a passing trend thus they get relegated to the attic in spite of being in excellent condition.

There is a saying that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. There will always be someone who will find use for someone else’s things and be willing to pay for it. Selling used and unused possessions is a decision that provides the dual benefit of de-cluttering and earning. Items that cannot be sold should be donated to appropriate institutions so they don’t find their way back to the attic to start another clutter.


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  1. Great blog post. Right now I doing this very thing in my attic space. I am converting it into an office. I also for the last few years I refuse to purchase anything to bring home unless I get rid of something I already have. Unless it’s a book. I just can’t bring myself to get rid of any of my books.

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  2. The attic in my house is a no visit zone. It is full of old boxes and my parent’s old stuff. It might be a good idea for us to clean it out and have a yard sale…

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