Finding the Best Conference Venues for Corporate Events

Business, Conferences, Venues / Monday, July 8th, 2013

Employee trainings and seminars, business meetings, conferences, conventions and other corporate events are some activities that companies hold on a regular basis. One of the important aspects in arranging for such events is the venue. These activities are investments in employee and corporate growth as time, money and other company resources are spent in organizing them. Finding an environment that is conducive for the productivity of guests and participants is a sure way to get returns on this investment. As such, here are some factors to be considered in choosing the best venue for corporate events or activities.

conference venue for corporate events

1. Available facilities. Make a list of the activities that you want to do for the event. A conference room that is well-lit, well-ventilated with comfortable chairs and tables that are suited for work are basic requirements for business meetings or planning sessions. However, if you intend to include some R&R activities during breaks or after the conference then consider venues like hotels or resort that are equipped with leisure amenities.

2. Quality of Facilities. A venue may have all the facilities that you need for the event but one has to check for the quality of facilities and equipment to impress or at least satisfy the participants. Aside from the size and furnishings of the venue, one should pay particular attention to the quality of audio-visual equipment available.

a. It is quite difficult to concentrate on a lecture or discussion when you could hardly hear the speaker or with static garbling their words. Make sure that they have enough speakers with good sound quality that could be evenly distributed within the venue.

b. Visual aids are also important aspects of a presentation. Check if the venue has a number of big screens that can be placed in strategic areas of the venue where the participants can view the presentation without craning their necks.

c. You can also ask for some technical support from the venue staff to ensure that lighting in the room complements the visual equipment while allowing the participants to read from their notes. Work with them in ensuring that your laptop, projector or other equipment that you’ll be bringing with you works well with their existing ones. It would also be good to have one of their technical staff available to assist you during the event.

3. Cost. A venue with complete and top of the line facilities is an event organizer’s dream location. However, one should also consider if the rental cost would fit their budget or if it can justify the type of service and facilities offered. Compare the rates of your venue shortlist and choose the one that gives the best deal. One can always negotiate for discounts or deals like add-on services or perks for big groups or discounts for big room packages.


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  1. I’ve attended many conferences and annual meetings in my life and really never really thought of the time and planning that was involved in putting one together. This post really outlines the process in an understandable way — thanks!

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