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Clutter In Your Closet Could Be Money in Your Wallet

Let’s pretend that I’m just learning the alphabet for the first time at this age.  A would stand for anti-mosquito repellent, B for Bieber, and C for clutter.  As I look around my bedroom, my heart goes out to my closet, as it’s bursting at the seams.  Inside it is more clutter than you can

A Penny a Day:  Saving for the Future Starts Today

  The biggest mistake that people can make is to procrastinate on starting a savings plan.  This is most applicable to students who rely on their parents for financial support.  Even those who are already able to work on-the-side do so to have money for specific spending needs rather than to have a little more money to save.  The

The Practical Business of Buy & Sell

  Finding ways to augment one’s income is a practical option for those who want to have a more comfortable life or a brighter future for their family. It doesn’t matter if one is hard-up on their finances, earning an average income, or lucky enough to land a high-paying job. Those who want to maximize

Small Business Loans

Owning and managing a small business is never easy. Aside from big and minute details that a business owner needs to take on for the business to function like a well-oiled machine, there’s also the question of what needs to be done in order to raise the profitability of the business. While some small and

Earn Cash for Your Old Mobile Phones

Turn your trash into cash.  Electronic gadgets cost a lot of money to buy.  But when the latest mobile phones get introduced into the market, consumers cannot seem to restrain themselves from shelling out more money for these new models and letting old mobile phones go to waste.  Some people choose to sell their old