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The Best Way to Contact an Insurance Agent

  If you need to get in touch with your insurance agent in Columbia, it is important to know what the best way to get in touch with him or her really is. You want to know this ahead of time because you are usually experiencing some sort of an emergency when you try to

Unlocking Cash from Dormant Assets

  With today’s still volatile stock market, many investors are leery about losing additional funds that are earmarked for retirement. This is especially the case for those who need their money now for current income or other pressing needs. Although the market may eventually come back to its previous highs, many people who are retired

Know Your Safety Nets

We are not certain of what tomorrow will bring, fond or otherwise, so insurance becomes our safety net. How many insurances do you pay for a month? We have a life insurance, health insurance, house insurance and business insurance paid either monthly or quarterly. One that I am not really so ecstatic about is funeral insurance

Know your Car Insurance

– Back home we were literally running around town and the adjacent city for days on end. Needless to say, running around tires the car too! We were on our way to visit hubby’s relatives when the car broke down in the middle of Makati City. Overheating was the problem or was it fluid or

Know your home insurance

I posted this photo before for the Lasang Pinoys Sunday’s theme kitchen. Good thing I did because this would now be the only remembrance of what that glass door was. See the little boy? He would often stick his nose there to see what I’m doing whenever I close it (which is cooking, of course).