Setting Sights on Starting a Business Website

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It takes more than just a storefront or business office to set up an enterprise today. Business owners, whether big or small, are aiming to compete in today’s market and grow the business effectively need to include a business website in their list of start-up requirements.  Now that the internet has become a part of the […]

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Designing Your Website for Your Audience

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  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  When you are designing your website, therefore, you have to view it from the eyes of your audience.  Your website’s layout is not supposed to be whatever is convenient for you or whatever looks logical to you.  You have to make sure that your layout makes […]

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Your Piece of the Online Real Estate: Choosing a Web Host for Your Site

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Setting up shop online, business, or website is something that you should not take for granted.  There are free sites that allow you to put up your own website without shelling out money.  But, these sites are often limited in what they can offer you.  If you want your website to be highly customizable and […]

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Contentment in the Workplace: Make Employees Happy and Respectful

Employee Relations, Featured

Fostering an environment where people are happy and respectful is an essential part of creating a productive workplace. It is every business manager’s dream to have a team of employees who are dedicated in their jobs and are committed to helping the business organization realize its goals. Not all, however, are successful in doing so. […]

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Your Online Presence

Blogging 101, Online reputation

Online marketing. E-commerce marketing. Online Presence. Self-promotion. Advertising. Whatever you want to call it, the bottom line is that in order to succeed online, whether your business is completely online-based or your online business is simply an extension of your offline one, it’s important to focus on various types of advertising efforts in order to […]

June 4, 2017

Preparing to buy a House

House buying, Real Estate

  More and more people are now getting into the trend to buy a house instead of just renting one. But buying a house is no walk at the park. It requires proper decision making, coupled with practical knowledge in real estate policies, real estate market value, the economic scenario, and even simple accounting. The following […]

April 16, 2016

The Best Way to Contact an Insurance Agent


If you need to get in touch with your insurance agent in Columbia, it is important to know what the best way to get in touch with him or her really is. You want to know this ahead of time because you are usually experiencing some sort of an emergency when you try to contact […]

February 21, 2015

Performance Brokerage Services


Selling your Car Dealership? Let Performance Brokerage Services do the Work! During this time of economic hardship, have you considered what your car dealership might be worth? Have you spent long, sleepless nights thinking about selling your dealership, yet you just don’t know what the first step might be? You aren’t alone. Performance Brokerage Services […]

October 30, 2014