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Blogging 101, Online reputation / Sunday, June 4th, 2017

Online marketing. E-commerce marketing. Online Presence. Self-promotion. Advertising.

Whatever you want to call it, the bottom line is that in order to succeed online, whether your business is completely online-based or your online business is simply an extension of your offline one, it’s important to focus on various types of advertising efforts in order to attract visitors who will hopefully turn into customers, and search engines that will rank your site highly within their indexes.

Here are a few tips to help you with your online marketing endeavors:

1. Keep things simple with an integrated registrar & host

Save yourself some clicks and payment woes by consolidating your domain registration and hosting account into one. Many companies, for example, can provide both services for you. Some companies can also offer custom website templates, social media account setup, e-commerce solutions, and their own advertising campaigns. I find Wealthy Affiliate as an all-around best platform for this (more on this later).

Your Online Presence

2. Update daily

Pick something — your blog, your Facebook account, your Twitter account, or ideally all three, and commit to updating them once per day. You don’t always have to post company-promoting content; feel free to engage visitors with trivia or questions about how their day is going – or share how your day is going.

3. Invest in one paid campaign

It’s fine to do it alone in terms of advertising and marketing, but give yourself a break at least a little bit of the time by using a pay-per-click or integrated links campaign. On the days you need a break from all of your online marketing efforts, you’ll appreciate knowing that the paid campaign is still going strong.

4. Use a calendar to set goals and meet deadlines

Organization is a very important part of any successful endeavor, especially a multi-faceted one such as online marketing. Make use of calendars, notebooks, to-do lists, dry erase pads, etc. – whatever it takes to keep you focused and on task.

5. Give yourself a day off

This is especially important for business owners who work from home. While it may be perfectly acceptable to be joined at the hip with your laptop, nobody said it’s good for your health, or your sanity. Pick a day, even if it’s the middle of the week, to kick back and relax.

Your Online Presence
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7 Replies to “Your Online Presence”

  1. Tips one and two are something I already have down. I need to work on the other three but it takes practice, I tried doing all things at once but that can have tragic effect as the saying goes old habits die hard.

    I think I should probably take a day off, I do however take partial days to do other things does that count as taking a day. I’m still new so I have a lot to learn but in six months I’ve seen remarkable improvement!

  2. Great tips, I need to work on a few, especially 4, I am so disorganised. I always think of getting a diary and organising my day, it would be so much more efficient.But I either forget or when I do remember I put it off until the next day.
    I actually started a Facebook ad campaign to boost my page. I went in blindly and achieved a few likes for $5. I think that is where I will have to put a bit more resource in the near future. And for the moment, I am not giving myself a day off, not until I see consistent success.
    All the best.

    1. That’s the spirit. Persistence is key, but don’t forget to have fun and rest as well. 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Great article with advice for home marketers and entrepreneurs. All 5 of your tips are important. I especially think that setting goals for growth is important. It feels good when you meet your goals and also increase growth. I haven’t tried any paid advertising campaigns yet. What paid programs do you recommend or had best luck with?

  4. Hi Marie!

    Today, to have a presence online is easy since you can set up your site pretty fast, but then you need to gain awareness.

    I totally agree with you advice here, and I think the most important things to do at this respect are keeping it simple and being daily active, since that is what in the end is going to get you out there so that people notices you.

    I haven’t really tried paid campaings, but that’s a good idea I’ll look into 😉

    Thanks for the tips!

  5. Hi Marie

    Very useful tips about online business. According to my experience most important is the second tip: Update daily.
    There is no success without persistent engagement on content, social media, creating images or videos and learning and researching.
    We are both lucky we have found Wealthy Affiliate platform. Certification Course and other learning tools have helped me very much building my website and online business.
    What is your experience with Wealthy Affiliate?

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