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Putting Your Inheritance to Good Use

  Your parents have done whatever they can in order to give you a good education and to raise you to become who you are now. In some cultures, children are allowed to become independent and to fend for themselves at a certain age. There are some cultures, however, where parents opt to still provide

A Penny a Day: Saving for the Future Starts Today

  The biggest mistake that people can make is to procrastinate on starting a savings plan.  This is most applicable to students who rely on their parents for financial support.  Even those who are already able to work on-the-side do so to have money for specific spending needs rather than to have a little more

Reaping Big Rewards from Saving Coins of Small Value

  Parents usually introduce the concept of savings to their kids with the use of piggy banks or coin banks. Kids would save their pennies, dimes and quarters so that they will have something to put in their “banks” at the end of the week. Once full, these coin banks are exchanged for bills that

Converting the Contents of Your Attic into Cash

  People tend to accumulate material possessions throughout their lives that usually end up cluttering homes. There always seem to be a reason to buy something, sometimes even more than once, in different colors and in different styles. Those that cease to be useful at a certain point eventually find themselves stored in attics and

Teaching kids the importance of saving up

  When I was a little girl, I remember my mother always telling me how important it was to “save for a rainy day”. I never really understood what she meant. I simply feigned comprehension and nodded several times, acting as if I knew what it was all about. Props go out to me for

Know Your Ways in Stretching the Family Budget

One of the hobbies my kids enjoy the most is swimming. If I had a choice, there’s only one thing I’d want to be swimming in: money! A sea of cold hard cash! But in today’s trying times, that seems highly unlikely. There’s just so much spending that goes on in and around the family