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Converting the Contents of Your Attic into Cash

  People tend to accumulate material possessions throughout their lives that usually end up cluttering homes. There always seem to be a reason to buy something, sometimes even more than once, in different colors and in different styles. Those that cease to be useful at a certain point eventually find themselves stored in attics and

Know Your Ways in Stretching the Family Budget

One of the hobbies my kids enjoy the most is swimming. If I had a choice, there’s only one thing I’d want to be swimming in: money! A sea of cold hard cash! But in today’s trying times, that seems highly unlikely. There’s just so much spending that goes on in and around the family

Know Your Budget Cuts (That Won’t Make You Yell Ouch!)

It has become a real challenge today to get a pay check to last until the next payday. The rising cost of utilities, consumer goods, and just about everything else with a price tag does not make it easy to find a few bucks left in your bank account by the time the next pay