An Environmentally Wise Way to Dispose of Your Mobile Phones

With the way mobile phone technology evolves, it cannot be helped that people will eventually have a box full of old mobile phone models sitting in storage.  Worse, this electronic garbage can end up in the world’s landfills.  Waste like these can be harmful to the environment.  There is a proper way of disposing of your old mobile phones that will not cause further damage to the environment.  You can save the environment and earn money at the same time when you recycle mobile phones for cash.


There are online websites that have taken up the challenge of helping people responsibly dispose of their old mobile phone units.  Everything can be done online.  A mobile phone owner simply has to visit the website and find the instructions for sending in their mobile phones.  The owners of the website buy the mobile phone units and send the payment back to the seller.  The transactions are secure and safe.  You can be assured that you will get top dollar for old mobile phones that you do not have much use for.

Aside from mobile phones, there are other electronic gadgets that make their way to the landfills.  This includes laptops, computers, gaming consoles, tablets, and digital cameras among others.  It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that their gadgets are disposed of properly.  There are recycling groups and companies that can help you.  You have to take the time and exert the effort to seek these companies out so that you can do your share in protecting the environment.  With opportunities to earn from the proper disposal of your electronic waste, you should be even more motivated to do the right thing.  The future will not run out of new electronic gadgets.  But, when these gadgets are not disposed of properly, there might not be a future to speak of.

14 thoughts on “An Environmentally Wise Way to Dispose of Your Mobile Phones

  1. I wish I had read this article earlier! Our old mobiles phones were deposited in a box outside an electronics shop in a mall that collected old mobile phones . And all the shoppers did that for free! I’m sure the collector must be making good money from ignorant people like us!

  2. Such a wise way to dispose old gadgets! Really helps save the environment, and motivates people to be responsible. 🙂

  3. I love that there are companies that will help you dispose of your phone properly. This is a wonderful idea and really helps our environment. Thank you for sharing.

  4. i have many cellphones waiting to be disposed, but I don’t know of any recycling service here in our area. hope we have one like that here.

  5. We must preserve our earth and be environmentally conscious whenever we get rid of our ‘stuff’. Great idea.

  6. Even as a child I’ve considered it an obligation we all have to be responsible for taking care of where we live as it takes care of us right back. Your tips are much appreciated & hopefully helpful to enlighten others.

  7. I don’t have a lot of old phones, but is def sell them if I did. There are so many companies and websites out there that will buy them no matter the condition.

  8. This is a good program that everyone should use. Most of the phones get refurbished and given to women’s shelters, ect… It’s great when you help the environment & others!

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