Energy Saving Tips for Using Computers

Green Living / Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013


One of the most widely used appliance or gadget in the house is perhaps the computer. Almost every member of the family has a need to use it for work, errands, or leisure. As such, they are likely to consume a lot of power. With a few conscious efforts from each computer user, the household can cut down on their electricity costs and take care of their computer at the same time. Here are some quick tips for forming energy saving habits in computer use.

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1.       Take advantage of the power management features built in the computer

Most computer operating systems today are equipped with power saving options in the control panel. This feature enables the users to set time frames for automatically turning off monitor or hard drives when the computer is idle.

2.       Enable devices only when needed

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other built in devices also consume power when enabled. Since these devices are not always necessary when using the computer, disabling them when not in use is a practical way to save on energy.

3.       Decrease brightness level of laptop or desktop monitors

The brighter the screen the more energy is consumed. Check your screen options for luminance in order to adjust brightness settings. Text and internet modes usually have dimmer settings than sports and gaming.

4.       Turn off computer or monitor when not in use

Most people leave their screen savers on when the computer is in idle mode, but they don’t really save on energy. The best option is still to turn off the monitor if you plan to leave the computer for 20 minutes or more. After all it only takes a push of a button to get it back on without affecting the active programs. If it takes you more than two hours to get back to work on your computer then it is more practical to turn off the computer. Contrary to old myths, turning it on and off doesn’t consume more power nor reduce its lifetime.

5.       Look for energy efficient products in upgrading or replacing your computer

The latest hard drive versions and monitor models are better equipped for saving on energy like modern LCD screens for instance. Those that bear the seal of energy star are popular option for power conscious users.

The rising cost of commodities prompt homemakers to take on some practical habits that help them save on expenses in every way they can. A simple way to help save on cost, and save the environment as well, is for the household to adapt energy saving habits in using the computer.


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  1. Great suggestions on saving energy with the computer. I know I have been in the habit of just closing the lid and not turning it off. I need to change that habit.

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