What Should You Blog About?

what to blogSo, you might now have the interest on blogging but a little problem bothers you. You don’t know what to blog.

Actually, that’s not a problem. There are lots of topics out there to blog about.

What Should You Blog?

1. Anything that you can see.

Learn to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. Take a picture of it and blog about it. Learn to criticize the bad things your eyes can see for blogging isn’t always about good things. Who knows? You might able to make change because of criticizing what you saw.

2. Anything that you can hear.

If you’re a music lover, blog about the songs you love. You might also try to explain what the lyrics mean for you. You can also blog about the joke that you just heard or the drama that your friend shared to you. But, ask for permission first.

3. Anything that you can taste.

Ah yes! Blog about your favorite viand. Tell the world why you love it. Tell the world why you eat that everyday and you can’t live without that. You can also blog about where you used to buy it. We love to know where to buy delicious food. Everyone loves to eat.

4. Anything that you can feel.

If you’re happy, take a picture of your big smile and tell us what’s behind it. If you’re sad, don’t take a picture of your tears. Just kidding. There are bloggers who can relate on what you feel and they might be able to help you and give you some advice, so, blog about it.

5. Anything that you’ve learned.

If you learned something, share it. We might not know that. You could be a great help for people who are searching for answers. Share some of your knowledge.

So, if you learned something and you like this post, kindly share it to your friends too.


6 thoughts on “What Should You Blog About?

  1. Blogging, really, is all about putting in words someone else’s interests 😉 So long as you are passionate about what you are blogging, you’ll be able to sustain your life as a blogger 😉

  2. In short, it’s all about passion 😀 The greater passion you have on a particular field, the broader the range of topics you could possibly blog. However, we bloggers just can’t deny the fact that the “writer’s block” could indeed happen to us at any given time, and it’s quite inevitable.

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