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Cars / Thursday, October 30th, 2014

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Selling your Car Dealership? Let Performance Brokerage Services do the Work!

During this time of economic hardship, have you considered what your car dealership might be worth? Have you spent long, sleepless nights thinking about selling your dealership, yet you just don’t know what the first step might be? You aren’t alone.

Performance Brokerage Services is a specialized type of brokerage firm. With over twenty years of service, they broker sales between buyers and sellers of car dealerships. As a national business, they are privy to the buyers who will pay top dollar for your dealership, making certain that you are completely satisfied.

Performance Brokerage does not require any payment up front. They don’t require any type of retainer or reimbursement costs. They only get paid when you get paid. They have successfully brokered over 400 transactions – yours could be next! Take advantage of the recession…as smaller dealerships struggle, there are larger dealerships waiting to purchase and pay top dollar for your business.

You can be assured that the professionals who work with Performance Brokerage Services will partner with you from the first step through the completion of the process. Nothing will be left undone and you can rest assured, knowing that you received the best possible price for your dealership. It’s no secret that this is not the same economy that it was even ten years ago; realizing that the economy is extremely volatile, a different attitude is required when working with purchases and sales that can be complex.

Call today and allow the specialists at Performance Brokerage Services to assess your unique needs and begin to discuss the possibilities with you. Because each dealership is entirely different with its own particular qualities, allow them to see it objectively and create a marketing approach for your dealership that will maximize its potential. Where you are located, the demographics that you service, the potential of the business and past sales histories will all be considered and used to tailor a unique sales strategy specific to you.

Be assured that, if you are considering the sale of your car dealership, you will receive the finest in quality service and experience from the specialists at Performance Brokerage Services. Go to to learn more. Contact them for a confidential and personal consultation and, when you decide to partner with them, you can rest assured that your business is in the hands of the right service professionals. As they say in their motto, “We know you have a choice. We want to earn your business. We pledge to do it right. Every time, one client at a time!”

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