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Online Education / Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Summing up the years I spent in school would be a total of almost 15 school-years. A year for preparatory school, 6 in grade school, 4 years in highschool, 4 years in College and almost another year for German.

I finished school yes, but I’ve never really stopped learning. Everyday,I still learn a new word, a new lesson in life and other things one gain through experience.

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I’ve been working for our firm nowadays. Hubby’s a self-employed Graphic Artist and I am his assistant…doing paperwork and accounting stuff, talking to clients, insurance people, finance office agents and all that. I sometimes have this feeling of doing something else though.I recalled that during our deliberation in class, I said that I want to pursue my real love, photography, should it not be possible I’d want to be an English-language trainer. I’ve seen how the interest for English learning boosted among students and adults in Vienna through the years. If I register myself as a professional photographer, I would need to do the Meisterprüfung. An exam to determine one’s knowledge of photography. Since it has been a long time that I took photography classes, I might not remember the basics of film developing and printing as well. This is why I need to take another course, either teacher training or photography… I however, do not want the hassle of everyday going to class, I just did that for 6 months and most of the classes are in the evening! I was advised to take a course at an accredited online university, either in teaching or photography.

I haven’t decided until now…I sometimes still find myself browsing online university websites, sure photography is the wisest choice but I’ d want to brush up with my Spanish knowledge and formally learn Japanese too.

How do Online Degrees work?

Since the institution is an online classroom, instructors work with developers and web designers to create an interactive platform for effective learning. From there, a student can access programs that follows traditional schools. There’d be lectures, exams and homework in an online setup….you get to contact your instructor via email, chat and other online means.

Since this can be done at home, it’s more flexible than attending a traditional class at school. One gets to study on his /her own pace. There’s be materials that are sent vie mail or printed directly sent via email which makes things faster in a way. Of course, there’d be times that you get to meet your instructor and other students too – if not in real life then still in online setting like a conference. ^_^

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