Know your Blog Contest Etiquette

Blog Contest, as it implies is simply a contest hosted on one’s blog. Hosts give away cash or products, paid for advertisements, domain names and hosting. There are a handful of reasons why bloggers hold contests or giveaways in layman’s terms.

One, for fun – there’s just this wonderful feeling you get in giving.

Two,  prizes are sponsored by advertisers. Some advertisers are generous and they help provide prizes in exchange for web exposure.

Three, it’s the blog’s anniversary, it is a way of thanking the loyal and occasional visitors of the blog.

Four, to gain traffic. Once a contest is announced, eager participants would surely want to know the mechanics of the contest…this means visiting the website to learn more about the contest…traffic.

Five, to gain backlinks. One of the common requirement in blog contests is to make a post about it and include a link to the host. This is to gain backlinks in the process. If the contest has sponsors,  it is also customary to include them in the post, they also benefit  – exposure, backlinks and traffic-wise.

Six, to gain followers and subscribers – this includes google friend connect, Facebook page, twitter or email subscription. All these is to widen the readership that a blog has. And though some won’t admit there’s a hidden purpose to it, that of impressing advertisers (ssshhh)….that’s secondary though. It’s nice to know that others subscribe to your blog to read, yes but it’s also nice to see a lot of those numbers for the advertiser to know your blog’s network.

As participants we also abide by rules — to not defeat the purpose of the contest. After the contest, some of those who didn’t win would unfollow, unlike or unsubscribe. Which is in a way a bit disappointing, unethical and not to mention – tiresome! Why bother to follow and do all the contest requirements when you would do the process again in reverse? Must have all the time in the world.

Anyway, blog owners holding contests will know that you have unfollowed and unconfirmed a subscription (yes, we have prying eyes and we know who you are haha). It has not been written as a rule yet in any blog contest but it might “if you unfollow, unsubscribe or unlike after the contest, you will not be allowed to join again.” Yes, a blog may have frequent giveaways so if the requirements are the same, you don’t have to do all the those again, saves you time, lotsa time!

So think before you unfollow, unsubscribe and unlike.

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36 thoughts on “Know your Blog Contest Etiquette

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  2. you’re right, it is tiresome to unfollow, etc…why bother? if you plan to join contest of the same nature, you don’t need to follow, etc again…

    ban them as persona-non-grata…

  3. people joining contests should really learn that once they subscribed or follow, no need to unsubscribe or unfollow, they have to bear in mind that what they’re doing will bounce back to them hehe

    1. I tried emailing 2 of those who unsubscribed, I sounded like “You are now banned from joining giveaways hosted by this blog.” — lol, one was hysterical.

  4. Sponsored blog contest is good as long as it sticks to its very purpose of giving away things. Unlike others, it is designed to irritate others, spamming, among others. All what a blog contest should be is clearly stipulated here. It’s informative. Thanks.

  5. Haven’t had a blog contest yet but this is a good advice not only to those who participates but also to the bloggers planning for a contest. I am planning to do a contest to thank my readers. Hope they will not do the things you mentioned if they will not win. 🙂

    1. There’s the tick button for feedburner – they will email you if someone unsubscribes…so far there’s about 5 from all the contests I sponsored who did. For twitter there’s 🙂 tells you the most recent users who unfollowed. Been using that for a week, ok naman.

  6. i love to join contest/give away even though i never win yet from any of them. so never did i unlike or unsubscribe coz i know that sooner or later i’ll get back to that site for another giveaway.

  7. This is why I rarely join contests … and I only join if i know the person or like their blog even way back. The only one I would join would be those for stage plays. Career iyon!

  8. Sometime I forgot about it actually, so what I did nalang to lessens the task (can you imagine me joining a contest for 1 hour of following each one in my smartbroken connection) evrytime I bloghop I like I follow and everything hehehe less work when I join

  9. I never had the chance to hold a contest using my blog. I am planning to do it so I am welcoming sponsors 🙂

    I agree, its really disappointing when people are motivated to subscribe because of the contests…in my case I don’t join contest and subscribe to blogs that do not interests me…so when I subscribe and follow a blog—it means I am going to follow you and read your blog as often as I can…I read posts before commenting…I find it frustrating when I read comments in my blog which clearly and understandably talking without saying anything…

  10. Think before you unfollow – hala! 😀 I’ve never done or joined any contests or giveaways and they are exactly what I want to do. In the future hopefully. Thanks for explaining this in ‘layman’s terms. This is what I need.

  11. One thing that I want to do with my blog is to host a blogging contest. While I can’t realize it now, I will just bookmark this page so that I can review this again to guide me in hosting the contest.

  12. It’s really disappointing when people unfollow you after the contest. But well, that’s life. Maybe they just make an account that is just for joining contests, right? haha

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