Banking on Your Guts to Start a Small Business


Small and middle income earning individuals often find it difficult to leave an eight-to-five job with a fixed income to pursue a business dream. The two common reasons for this is the uncertainty of success and the capitalization requirements that goes with starting a business. But when a sound business idea comes along to a person with a talent in business, he would only need some guts to set his plans in motion and live his dream.

Some individuals find themselves watching their business dreams materialize in the hands of other people simply because they weren’t able to act on it quickly. The worst part is finding out that the person who beat them in fulfilling their dream have the same reservations, like the risk of losing a fixed source of income and not having enough savings to put up a capital. The only difference is that the businessman who launched the business had more entrepreneurial guts than they did.

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Of course, it takes more than just guts to start a business. One should have the skills to run a business and the resourcefulness to operate it efficiently despite of one’s financial limitations. People who are dreaming of having their own business someday should exert effort to hone their skills in all the business aspects as early as possible. This would include selling skills, management and leadership skills, social and communication skills, negotiation skills, and accounting skills. A business would be difficult to run and grow on your own, it is also important to have the right people working with you. Forming an efficient management team will enable you to grow the business faster.

People who are armed with only their dreams, skills, and passion for the business need to learn how to bank on their entrepreneurial guts and set their dreams in motion before anybody else starts with it. Otherwise they may find themselves simply dreaming about it and never fulfilling any of their dreams.



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