The Right Man or Company for an SEO Job

Blogging 101, SEO Related / Sunday, July 16th, 2017

Search engine optimization or SEO has evolved into a field of its own.  It’s a specialization with an entire range of strategies and techniques to propel websites to the top of the search engine results pages.  These techniques might not be all that simple for online business owners to plan for and implement.  SEO should also be a continuous effort.  As such, most people consider SEO to be tedious despite its obvious necessity.

 Fortunately for everyone, there are those who have chosen to specialize in optimization and are offering their services to those who would rather not spend their time in something that they do not know much about.  Dabbling in SEO without any significant know-how would most likely take longer before it yields results.  Worse, because of the unpredictability of changes in the search engine algorithms, amateur SEO might not yield results at all.

There are a number of individuals, small agencies, and companies offering SEO services.  The challenge lies in choosing which expert to hire for the job.  Each one has its own pros and cons and your choice will have to depend on your needs and budget.  Those who have limited budgets might be tempted to hire individuals who charge less for their SEO services.  They are not necessarily getting good value for their money as the individual SEO expert might not have as much experience and resources to give you the level of service that you require.  An SEO agency or a team from a SEO company might be able to give you what you need without much difference in terms of cost.

Your goal is to find a perfect match in your SEO consultant.  Find out what the different SEO experts are offering and list down those that you feel will best serve your needs.  Make your initial contact either through email or phone.  You should be able to request for an appointment for exploratory talks.  Or, you could list your questions and shoot them an email.  The way they respond to your inquiries would give you an idea of how they treat their customers.  It will also give you a feel of how comfortable you are talking to them.

If you are hiring individual SEO experts, ask about how many clients they are currently servicing.  Also ask about what tools and resources they use.  If you are hiring agencies and companies, on the other hand, ask whether a dedicated team of SEO experts will be assigned to handle your account.  Ask about the credentials of the SEO experts you are going to work with.  Even if the company has been in the business for a long time, they might assign someone inexperienced to your account.  Get all the information that you can get during your exploratory talks so that you can make a wise decision in which SEO experts to hire.

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