Hi! My name is Marie.

Well that’s my blogging name, friends call me Gizelle. Either way you call me, I won’t  mind (just spell it right). 😛 I’m just a confused blogger who hasn’t found her niche in the websphere…yet…but, I actually have about 25 blogs. This is one of those 25 blogs and though business is not my forte I will try to dabble in it too. Just for the fun of it.


  • I’m a mom of three and almost 33. (Like you would care.)
  • I’m a writer and photographer supposedly. (Being a mom delegated those two to the backseat.)
  • I love to learn new languages. So far I have Tagalog, English and German with a bit of Spanish and then Japanese.
  • I work as a translator when I feel like it.
  • I am happy, friendly and bordering nerd to crazy. Feel free to approach.

Message me? That’s via  marie@gmirage.com 😉