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Blogging, Blogging 101 / Thursday, November 30th, 2017

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There are a lot of studies about how color affects mood, reaction, attitude, and behavior.  This is why commercial establishments make use of eye-friendly colors as part of their image building strategies.  They take advantage of how color is supposed to stimulate the human brain and to influence consumer behavior.  You yourself can make use of color in the same way in your blog.  Color is an effective way of “conditioning” the mind of your audience to receive the messages or information you want them to get in your website.  It is supposed to enhance your audience’s experience while browsing through your blog and reading your content.

Since you want your audience to stay on your site long enough to “consume” your content, you want to keep your colors eye-friendly.  While red is a known color for stimulating appetite, you don’t want your audience to navigate away from your food blog after reading your headline because the color you used is just too strong for their eyes to handle.  You want the colors you use in your bog site to be pleasant enough for your audience.

Do not use too much color.  It might be tempting to use a myriad of colors to evoke the mental reactions that you want from your readers.  Resist this temptation.  It will only be too confusing for your readers’ eyes to have to deal with all the stimuli.  Unless you are selling paint, you don’t want to have a lot of color in your blog site. Focus on one color and add a few others as highlights or accents.

Consider readability.  Make sure that your color does not overpower your content.  You want your site vi

blog colors, Eye-Friendly Colors

sitors to actually read your content.  A good contrast between your background color and your text is recommended.  Do not put a colorful background behind your text.  Using a “noisy” background that is busy with images or graphic elements is also not recommended.  Opt for a watermarked image behind text with a contrasting color (black and blue are good choices).  Using white text on a dark background is a good idea too.

Using eye-friendly colors and graphic elements is a good way to make your blog site attractive and interesting.  However, the wrong choice of colors can jeopardize your efforts to make your site more appealing to your visitors.  Choose your colors wisely to achieve the results that you want out of your blog site.

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