Preparing to buy a House

House buying, Real Estate

  More and more people are now getting into the trend to buy a house instead of just renting one. But buying a house is no walk at the park. It requires proper decision making, coupled with practical knowledge in real estate policies, real estate market value, the economic scenario, and even simple accounting. The following […]

April 16, 2016

Finding the Best Conference Venues for Corporate Events

Business, Conferences, Venues

Employee trainings and seminars, business meetings, conferences, conventions and other corporate events are some activities that companies hold on a regular basis. One of the important aspects in arranging for such events is the venue. These activities are investments in employee and corporate growth as time, money and other company resources are spent in organizing them. Finding an environment that is […]

July 8, 2013

Taking Negative Feedback as a Challenge


In the world of online business, you just cannot help but have negative feedback. You cannot, after all, please everyone. A single negative feedback can spread like wildfire and ruin your online reputation within a short period of time. Consumers today hold that kind of power in influencing other consumers’ opinion of any business online or […]

June 30, 2013