Month: February 2018

Building Your Online Reputation

There are companies who aim to give their names a good image like it’s the first thing they should protect. There are those who have already established that and unfortunately there are those that were tarnished with a bad reputation propagated on the internet and perhaps was even penalized by Google as a result. This

Clutter In Your Closet Could Be Money in Your Wallet

Let’s pretend that I’m just learning the alphabet for the first time at this age.  A would stand for anti-mosquito repellent, B for Bieber, and C for clutter.  As I look around my bedroom, my heart goes out to my closet, as it’s bursting at the seams.  Inside it is more clutter than you can

Equipping Kids with Credit Card Basics

Managing personal finances is a life skill that can be honed as early as childhood. Teaching kids about the value of money and how to use it responsibly can hopefully prevent them from getting into debt problems in their adulthood. However, parents should also take into consideration that credit cards are also becoming a popular