Month: June 2013

Taking Negative Feedback as a Challenge

In the world of online business, you just cannot help but have negative feedback. You cannot, after all, please everyone. A single negative feedback can spread like wildfire and ruin your online reputation within a short period of time. Consumers today hold that kind of power in influencing other consumers’ opinion of any business online or

Know Your Online Learning Options

Summing up the years I spent in school would be a total of almost 15 school-years. A year for preparatory school, 6 in grade school, 4 years in highschool, 4 years in College and almost another year for German. I finished school yes, but I’ve never really stopped learning. Everyday,I still learn a new word,

Know your Deals – Groupon and other group buying sites

That I’m a spontaneous buyer is true. Whether I’m shopping for shoes, clothes or even food I’d buy impulsively whatever I see is on sale! 🙁 Most often than not I regret some of them. With the emergence of Groupon, DailyDeal and similar promos – deal-of-the-day or group buying websites that feature discounted gift certificates

That Work You Love

  Deciding on a career or a college course is one of the toughest decisions that a person has to make in life. Going to college prepares them for the jobs that are available when they join the work force. These choices can spell future success or a lifetime of toil for a person. But