Month: May 2013

Three Future Uses for Video Conferencing Technology

  To keep communication between co-workers, clients, investors and the general public flowing, businesses the world over have a range of tools that they can make use of. They could use e-mail, social media, instant messaging, phone calls or – if needed – all of the above. A new method is video conferencing, which for

$500 Visa or Amazon Gift Card Giveaway – Facebook Follow 3

— Summer! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go get away on a beach and get a tan (if you aren’t already). Wouldn’t it be much more wonderful if you got extra cash stashed somewhere to enjoy a day or two in peace? Or maybe spend your holiday in a 5-star hotel? Well, here’s your chance

Avoiding Managing Mishaps

There are different types of manager. There are those stereotypical bad managers who blatantly mistreat their people by refusing to give just benefits, dispensing harsh criticism in front of others, taking credit for their work, and abusing them with unreasonable workloads. Most business managers do not want to be labelled as bad managers and try

Know your Cash Advance Loans

Are cash advance loans really helpful? Or it will only put you deeper into debt? This question is kind of hard to answer because a writer can never express the opinion of each and every reader that will come across this article. What may be simple, is to try to lay out frequently asked questions

What does the Energy Rollover mean for Small Businesses?

Energy Secretary Ed Davey is being pushed by the Federation of Small Businesses to end the practice of automatic energy roll-overs. Green Party MP Caroline Lucas was unable to introduce a Private Members’ Bill in the Commons last week, which comes as a blow to small businesses with fewer than 10 employees which it was