Month: January 2013

Online Degrees to Boost Online Business

  One of the criteria that customers check before transacting with an online business is its credibility and track record. Customers would often check reviews and homepages to get to know more about the online shop before deciding to avail of their products. One way to boost the credentials of your business is to secure

Banking on Your Guts to Start a Small Business

  Small and middle income earning individuals often find it difficult to leave an eight-to-five job with a fixed income to pursue a business dream. The two common reasons for this is the uncertainty of success and the capitalization requirements that goes with starting a business. But when a sound business idea comes along to

What Should You Do with Empty Toner Cartridges?

  Every year, millions of empty toner cartridges end up in landfills. Ink residue could leak from these cartridges and contaminate water supplies, and this could be very harmful. Moreover, improper disposal of toners is environmentally dangerous. With constant calls and pleas to help save the environment, it’s only natural that you do something about

Anticipation of the Outcome of Health Care Reform Legislation

Most companies and organizations provide health care benefits for their employees that sometimes extend to their families as well. Today, there is an uncertainty on whether the employers can continue to give these benefits to their workers. The health care reform legislation that has been passed recently is one of the factors in this indecision.

Plus Factors of Having an Accountant

Getting out of the rat race and starting a life as a self-employed individual is an exciting milestone in a person’s life. But that person should also be prepared to take on the challenges and risks that come with such freedom or independence. Setting-up the operations for self-employed individuals would require registration with the local

Pointers on Buying a Company or Enterprise

When a person becomes ready to spread his wings and run a business on his own, the first impulse is usually to build an enterprise from scratch. Starting a new business would entail some groundwork which includes concept development, market research, business design, marketing and financial plan, operational framework, manpower among others. However, there is another way to have